It’s been a while since I long written. Now, I’m reading what I have written and pondering the very reason why I actually started writing here. With the quote written above, “Don’t rush anything. When the time is right, it will happen.” With all the things that have been happening, part of me seems speechless and the other part of me just feels grateful.

How would you have ever imagined yourself to be able to be who you are right now? 

Once in a while, it is nice to feel that you are actually growing despite the mundane life you have. 

All of you have grown, step by step, one at a time. It would mean nothing much to the world, but every single moment of the opportunities given to you are very much worthwhile. For someone who is especially a constant worrier, the risk you took from accepting any opportunities is basically just nerve wrecking.

Things will never be easy, considering every risk you took seems like you’re stepping into a thunderstorm.

A thunderstorm within a thunderstorm.

Uncertainties then started swirling around your head, when you suddenly realized that it is not just a mere thunderstorm. Trying to survive and live under those conditions was never easy. 

But despite the thunderstorm, here you are, coming out alive. More alive than ever.


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