Memories. One word which has many definitions when it comes to our every single moment in this life ever since we were born. The memories that have etched inside our mind, the good and the bad.
Unfortunately, human beings tend to remember more of those memories that wish to be forgotten rather than the good memories that is best to be remembered?  And sometimes, we end up thinking that our life revolves around the bad memories and nothing more.
“Every time you relive it, it’s like he’s doing it again and again. But it’s not even him anymore – it’s you. Now you’re the one making yourself his victim.”
“Oh, so I should just forget it?”
“No, don’t ever forget it. But you have to process it and move on. Live your life, otherwise he took your future away from you, too.”
 I guess everyone has certain memories. Some have more than another. We all are just trying to not let it control too much into our life. I hope everyone in this world is persevering and to never give up. May our life are filled with more good memories that give us happiness, joy and a reminder for us to stay alive always.